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When it comes to property surveillance, B Smart Sys has you totally covered.

When it comes to property surveillance, B Smart Sys has you totally covered.“On Samui you could go into anyone’s house and eat whatever food they had. There was plenty; mostly fruit and vegetables. We were kids and went into people’s homes all the time and nobody minded. The doors had no locks on them so it wasn’t difficult to get inside. Everyone was welcome anyway...” So recalls a Samui resident, Khun Ben, who was born on the island, and grew up here in the 1960s. People lived off the land, and there was more than enough to go round. She – and everyone else – was blissfully unaware that one day, not far in the future, the island would become a luxurious holiday destination, and not just that, people would move here from all over the world. That kind of upgrade always draws with it a few unsavoury characters, the kind who, given half a chance are going to drop in uninvited and then exit with as many possessions as they can. And it’s not going to be fruit and veg that goes into the swag bag.


“I thought I had things covered,” says Maurice Jespersen, an island resident, who’s here on and off throughout the year. “When we’re on Samui my wife and I have live-in staff anyway,

and when we’re away we have a neighbour who keeps an eye out for us. Everything here always seems so peaceful and you never suspect anybody might actually want to burgle you. Unfortunately we were away, and so too was our neighbour. We got caught out. It happens. That is ... if you let it, and we did.” He adds that, certainly, the items that were stolen had value, and not so easy to replace, but just as bad is the knowledge that someone’s been in your house, doing exactly as they wished. “It’s a disturbing feeling, and it takes a long time to go away. It’s better to be protected in the first place. Don’t leave it to chance.”


And giving intruders no chance at all, is B Smart Sys, a straightforward security company who ensure that the old-style days of feeling secure are well and truly back again. Their office is located in Maenam, on the ringroad right opposite the entrance to Belmond Napasai. B Smart Sys install CCTV cameras, fire alarms, access and lighting control, home automation, wireless networks and totally integrated security solutions.When it comes to property surveillance, B Smart Sys has you totally covered. They specialize in BOSCH, Fujiko, Kenpro and other well-known systems.


The company is run by Khun Napaporn Nopsuwan, more commonly known as Khun Bee. When you meet him, he has something about him of the private detective: he’s alert and you always listening to you. But in this case he’s not asking questions about the past and who did what, but concentrating on the future and how to stop uninvited people nipping into your property with the worst intentions. He’s there to stop crime and anything that’s looks like it might quickly turn into one.


Looking is, in fact, what his work is all about. Over the years, millions of electronic eyes have begun watching streets, parks, offices and for some time now, private houses. “It used to be quite expensive to set up cameras,” says Khun Bee, “but as technology progresses, the price has come down.” Not only that, but monitor quality is very sharp - crystal clear, in fact. Gone are the days when the images were really fuzzy, he explains. That kind of equipment is still around and still doing its job, but nowadays there are hi-definition cameras: you don’t have to peer into an old-fashioned monitor and wonder whether the person standing in your garden is a burglar or your friend over for an unexpected visit. You’ll be able to see for yourself. And you can do it by smart phone, too. Khun Bee takes out his phone, taps a few buttons and up pops a street scene and the interior of a store. It’s the repair shop of a friend of his, and you can see everything very clearly; people walking past, and the people in the store, and all the objects on display. So, any time you feel anxious, you can check to see what’s happening. It gives amazing peace-of-mind. Especially if you are thousands of miles away.


But ... wait a moment. The horrible thought strikes: what if something actually is happening? What then? What’s the point in watching your own nightmare unfold on your phone while you’re helpless to do anything about it? It all depends on what system you have in place to combat that eventuality – and something effective has to be in place, otherwise your cameras are only a deterrent. One extremely effective solution is for your house to be connected to the police station. So when the cameras detect movement, they trigger an alarm at the police station. The police there then access the camera and look for themselves. They can ring you to check, and they can also be there within ten minutes. Every burglar’s dream is to have an empty house to himself. His nightmare is to be inside it and surrounded by police. If he can see for himself that there’s good surveillance of a property, he won’t want to take a chance.


Surveillance used to be a rich person’s game. Now it’s very affordable and rapidly getting to the stage when it’ll be almost universal. Khun Bee can install state-of-the-art equipment extraordinarily quickly – most often the following day after you’ve made your enquiry. He has three vehicles and a team large enough to ensure that he’s never behind in his work. When you discuss your needs with him (he speaks both Thai and English) he’ll quickly assess what kind of equipment you’ll need to guard your property effectively. He has installed the very latest technology in many of Samui’s luxury homes and villas, as well as providing complete electronic systems for hospitals, retail stores, offices, factories and many of the island’s hotels and resorts. He and his firm have a rock-solid reputation for what they do.


It’s an undeniable fact that these days we need more security than we used to, but luckily it’s readily available and at very affordable prices. And once it’s installed, the silent eyes will work 24/7 on your behalf with tireless dedication. And they won’t just provide security; they’ll provide you with a sense of well-being. You will rest assured knowing that you’re being well-looked after and that your home is safe from harm.


 Dimitri Waring


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