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Tranquillity and bliss on tap, at Tamarind Springs Forest Spa.

Tranquillity and bliss on tap, at Tamarind Springs Forest Spa.As you approach the entrance and reception area to this award winning spa, just off the ring-road on the outskirts of Lamai, something magical begins to happen. You feel yourself entering another place, in another time. Here calmness and relaxation begin to blanket you, relieving any stress or anxiety you might feel. You are encouraged to put away phones and cameras and just be, breathing in the awesome natural beauty of this very special, very peaceful place. The site itself is situated on a beautiful hillside forest grove, with giant granite boulders and natural streams. The resort has been developed slowly, and with great care for the sustainability of the natural environment. This is truly a destination for spa lovers, massage enthusiasts and travellers. Anyone in search of the ultimate in relaxation and tranquillity. Great care has been taken to allow visitors access to the diverse tropical environment, but also to preserve and protect it from more destructive alterations. This eco-vision has been accomplished without imposing on any of the intrinsic natural beauty. Expect to experience a uniquely sensuous environment, where sight, smell and sound combine to heighten the experience of ‘sabai’ (the Thai word for feeling relaxed and happy).


You are greeted at reception and your shoes are exchanged for a pair of sandals, suitable for the wet environment, and a Tamarind Cooler, the house drink. You then complete a questionnaire, so that any treatments you are having can be tailored to any specific individual needs. Everything is provided at Tamarind Springs, you don’t need to bring anything extra with you.Page-32-3 All items you will need are presented in a natural woven bag for use during your visit; a key for your locker, a towel, two sarongs (one for the spa and another for your massage), and even disposable underwear, also for the massage. You can wear a swimsuit for the spa experience if you prefer.


After changing, you are led to the forest spa. This is a “walking meditation experience”. You pass under a huge boulder into the realm of the steamcave and rock-pool. Here you are surrounded by forest greenery at its finest, watch out for the iridescent colours of the many butterflies. A rustic wooden walkway leads to the relaxation area in a clearing. Here you will find complimentary drinks and even a telephone in case you have any additional requirements. Everything has been thought of. As you are led through the pools and steam-cave areas, you can feel yourself physically and mentally slow down, as you reconnect with the nurturing rhythm of nature. There are two steam caves, one at a higher temperature than the other, and three natural and cooling plunge-pools. A selection of home-made body scrubs are available for you to use, and sun-loungers are located in shady or sunny spots to further your relaxation. All spa packages include at least one and a half hours here, so indulge, unwind, relax and dream. Take your time, don’t worry, someone will come and find you when your massage is due to start or your forest spa experience is approaching an end. A healthy snack is served at some point during your spa experience, either here before your massage or afterwards at the restaurant. The snacks are very tasty, filling and healthy.


A Tamarind Springs massage is an exceptional experience, especially when enriched by a prior visit to the herbal steam-caves and rock-pools. The skin is now softened, the muscles relaxed, the mind is calm and peaceful. The naturally serene and enchanting forest hillside setting now works its magic and greatly influences how treatments are experienced. All massage therapists are selected from the best in their field, and have accredited training, enabling them to offer treatments at a deeper more intuitive level.


They pay utmost attention to the individual needs of their clients. Tamarind Springs use the best-known and respected massage therapies, along with carefully chosen, less conventional, but effective treatments. The massages on offer are inspired by ancient Eastern traditions and philosophies, combined with traditional Western methods such as Swedish massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. You will definitely find something to suit your individual needs and preferences. The therapists here really take their time; they know the best results emerge from extended and ideally repeated treatments, as each guests’ body and mind slowly but surely respond to the individually attuned massage techniques of the therapist. Here you will truly unwind and enter a state idyllic bliss.


When you are ready after your massage, you descend from your hillside oasis and wander back amongst the forest to the changing area. Here again, you will find everything you need; showers with soap, shampoo and conditioner, more towels, body lotion and even a hairdryer. All products are sourced from a variety of local companies that focus on all-natural high-end herbal ingredients. Again, take your time, there is no rush, luxuriate in your new found calmness and tranquillity until you feel the need to head back to the meeting area and restaurant.


In the two storey almost circular and spaciously refined meeting area, you will find the 9 Seasons Restaurant. Here you will be served your snack in the upstairs restaurant if you didn’t have it earlier. You will also find a menu of assorted, light and tasty dishes - including salads, soups and sandwiches, all made from healthy, fresh ingredients. You won’t find any meat here, but they do serve fish which is bought at the local market. Salad vegetables come from a local hydroponic garden, and they grow some of their own produce such as wild mangos, limes and herbs. The juice bar offers fresh juices, delicious shakes, teas and coffee, as well as a selection of freshly home-baked cookies, brownies and cakes. You certainly won’t go hungry.


In addition to the spa facilities, Tamarind Springs also offers yoga retreats in a purpose built space, as well as accommodation. Contact reception for more information. Here you will find the ultimate destination to relax and unwind from the stress and pressures of work and life in general. Whatever the weather, it is the perfect start to any visit to Samui. Make sure you call to make a reservation, and allow yourself to transcend into the calm and tranquil holiday mood you deserve.


 Karan Ladd


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