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From its panoramic hillside perch, Dr Frogs offers a fine
dining menu to match the amazing views.

From its panoramic hillside perch, Dr Frogs offers a fine dining menu to match the amazing views. Few restaurants have everything going for them: location, great food, and a wonderful ambience. Critics may debate forever how they got that way, how much a part sheer luck played, or unremitting hard work, or the configuration of a dream team. But at the end of the day, it’s the guests’ pleasure that’s all-important. And Dr Frogs has a great many satisfied diners. People like to come back, again and again. It’s a triedand- tested restaurant, one of those places that’s extraordinarily good at what it does.


In charge of the restaurant you’ll find a veritable Italian maestro, Massimo Marianni. He’s an affable figure, and one of those professionals who make everything look very easy. In reality he’s a master of both classical and modern Italian cuisine – and of course, everything in-between. He started out as a humble kitchen helper when he was just 15 years old. He worked in the storied Via Montenapoleone, one of the hippest streets in his home-town of Naples, and the centre of its fashion industry. He’s been on Samui for 14 years, and has spent the last six heading the culinary team at Dr Frogs.

Dr Frogs is right next to the popular viewpoint as you head south of Chaweng on the ring-road in the direction of Lamai. It’s set on the first of the hills after Impiana Resort. The view from the restaurant is the same as that from the viewpoint itself – stunning. You can see the entire bay of Chaweng, all the way up to the northernmost point and the offshore island of Koh Matlang. Depending on the time of day you visit and the mood of the sky and sea, look down and you’ll see waves that might be blue,From its panoramic hillside perch, Dr Frogs offers a fine dining menu to match the amazing views. turquoise or green. This is definitely not your average seaside restaurant, even in Thailand, where they’re already in a class of their own. No matter how many times you come to Dr Frogs, the view is always eye-catching.


The only distraction from the view is the food itself, which is amazingly good. Massimo and his team serve the finest quality imported meat and cheeses, along with a gamut of Italian products, some of which are quite hard to find here in Thailand. Naturally Massimo knows how to get hold of them, and at prices that mean you won’t be breaking the bank.


The à la carte menu concentrates on traditional, classic Italian fare of the highest quality. You can try home-made pasta, such as Crespelle al Salmone Affumicato, which consists of folded ricotta and smoked salmon crêpes, pink besciamella and Laotian parsley, or the popular Penne Alfredo, a Rome-style dish of chicken breast, porcini mushrooms and peas in a creamy tomato sauce.


Risottos are excellent too, and highly recommended is the salsiccia, or sautéed Italian sausage in white wine. It’s simply presented yet extremely satisfying.


Dr Frogs is also known for its lobster thermidor. Massimo oven-bakes it in tarragon cream sauce with shallots and parmesan on a bed of lettuce. By the way, all seafood mains are served with a choice of French fries, mashed or sautéed potato or jasmine rice.


Meat lovers can choose between Australian Fillet Steak, and Angus Beef Skewers, with bell peppers and shallots, and there’s also herb-roasted lamb tenderloin. You’ll also find Mountaineer Steak, which is something quite unusual for Samui - a generous portion of Black Angus rib-eye with cheese fondue.From its panoramic hillside perch, Dr Frogs offers a fine dining menu to match the amazing views. These are just a few examples out of a longish menu, which you can also see in its entirety on the official website.


There’s also a range of great-tasting pizzas. Dr Frogs, according to its owner, is ranked as having Samui’s number one pizza – and this for the fifth consecutive year. Check out the blackboards, meanwhile, for daily and weekly specials, including line-caught fresh fish and imported live French oysters. You’ll also find live Alaskan lobsters and a selection of whatever’s fresh and seasonal at the time you visit. You can also enjoy home-made Italian sausages – these are definitely some of the tastiest you’ll find on Samui, as well as some very yummy home-made ice-cream. Desserts at Dr Frogs are certainly not to be missed and are one further temptation that the restaurant offers its guests. There’s also a Thai menu which comprises a medley of the nation’s favourite dishes; just as with the international fare, freshness and vibrant tastes are prime considerations here.


The staff are extremely attentive and are always immediately on hand if you need anything. They’ll help make your dining experience a memorable one, and will do all they can to make you feel at home. They can also suggest which wines go with which dishes – Dr Frogs has an impressive list of wines from both the new and old worlds, with something to suit every pocket. They have perhaps one of the largest selections of house wines on the island;From its panoramic hillside perch, Dr Frogs offers a fine dining menu to match the amazing views. there are 14 to choose from. You’ll also find a range of champagnes and sparkling wines. Basically, whatever you’re in the mood for, Dr Frogs is able to provide. And with the superb views, this is definitely one place where a sundown drink is de rigueur.


It’s really worth phoning ahead and booking a seaside table before sunset. Once you’ve arrived you’ll be able to enjoy watching the lights come on all along the bay. There’s live music too. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can enjoy the award-winning acoustic guitar player and singer, Oliver Jones. This is music that goes well with the ambience and is very enjoyable but without being a distraction from the food.


Over the years Dr Frogs has become something of an institution. You’ll find not just holidaymakers coming here, but also many of the island’s residents. Diners come back year after year from all over the world. It’s also recommended for families who want to enjoy an excellent menu while ensuring that their children also have dishes that they’ll recognize and enjoy.


Dr Frogs is accomplished at hosting birthday parties and gatherings of every kind. The restaurant specializes in weddings and wedding receptions and can cater for up to 100 guests for à la carte or sit-down meals. It’s also the restaurant for the Boujis Boutique Resort, a brand-new secluded hotel that occupies the beach just beneath the restaurant. And it’s here that weddings are held, right by the water, in a very secluded beach setting. There’s a car park right outside the restaurant itself, by the way. Opening hours are daily from midday until midnight, with the kitchen closing at 11:00 pm.


Dr Frogs offers beautiful views, an excellent menu and very helpful staff, making this restaurant a hard-to-beat choice.


 Dimitri Waring


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