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Newly-opened Pink Elephant Samui Water Park wows not just children but adults too.

Newly-opened Pink Elephant Samui Water Park wows not just children but adults too.Water! It’s one of the reasons you’ve come to Samui – to enjoy swimming in the bluest of seas, and all the while enjoying the heat and the endless sunny days. You might think that being on an island there’s enough sea for everyone. There is, but the sea isn’t for everyone. Or at least not everyone all the time. So there are swimming pools too – hundreds of them. Seen from the air, Samui is liberally dotted with them, and unless you’re in the centre of the island, then there will be one close to you. In all probability if you look up from this magazine, you’ll even be able to see a pool, or at least be no more than a hundred metres away from one. So isn’t that enough water?


Sure. But most pools aren’t geared up to providing activities as well. And that’s why there are water parks. These are relative newcomers not just to Samui but also to Thailand as a whole. There aren’t many as yet. And people aren’t quite sure what they are. In fact, many holidaymakers are inclined to think that they’re no more than just large-scale swimming pools. But they have a lot more going on than any swimming pool. Or even the sea itself. Let’s take a look...

Pink Elephant Samui Water Park is a world apart from any of the usual attractions on the island. Strangely enough, it’s inland, rather than being near the sea. It looks out on to pastureland, mountains and towards the island’s ever-present jungle. To get there is very easy: just head towards the eastern edge of Maenam, you’ll see a big signpost for Pink Elephant a couple of hundred metres past the post office.Newly-opened Pink Elephant Samui Water Park wows not just children but adults too. Turn left here, and follow Soi 1 as it heads in the direction of the hills, and you’ll soon see the water park. It’s open daily from 9:30 am until 6:00pm.


Once there you’ll be in for a big, big dose of fun – and that includes your children too, of course. It’s one of the few places where the old adage ‘fun for all the family’ really does turn out to be true, rather than leaving one or other of that hypothetical family wishing they’d stayed at home. Indeed, whether you’re an adult, teenager or young child, then fun is the order of the day here.


The park has a ‘river’ that surrounds it. It’s some 300 metres long and has an artificially generated current; floatation devices are on hand to carry you the entire length. Just hop on board, make yourself comfortable and let the current do the rest. You can also swim along the river and have fun circling the park under your own steam. Then there’s a wave pool, which is exactly what it suggests. Children love it – and so too do adults.


The park is so new that it’s not that well known on the island, but as word gets around it soon will be. One of the things that everyone is going to find a favourite activity is riding the flumes. Sit inside, let yourself go and be borne along for an exhilarating ride. There are several of these, varying from the very gentle, for young children, to the challenging. Try the ‘twister’, which certainly is well-named:Newly-opened Pink Elephant Samui Water Park wows not just children but adults too. you twist and turn as you travel along the slide – it’s an adrenalin rush, to say the least. Children will also love the lighthouse tower, a central attraction in the park: climb up high and then slide down to the agreeably cool water below. If children have had enough of the water (difficult to imagine) then they’ll want to head to the pirate ship, where they can let their imaginations run riot.


Very small children won’t of course like slides and flumes, but they’ll still enjoy the paddling pools, which are just for them. Remember though how fierce the tropical sun is – even if it’s hidden by clouds – and keep in mind that you’ll need to keep on applying the sun screen. You’ll find plenty of shade at the water park and it’s a good idea to make use of it when you aren’t in the water. Life guards are all around the park, but it’s strongly recommended that parents closely look after their children. The life guards also make sure that everyone follows the rules and regulations that are in place.


Naturally, you’ll also find a restaurant here. It serves everything from simple snacks and drinks to full-scale meals. You’ll find plenty of Thai favourites, as well as Western fare like steamed salmon, chicken nuggets and French fries. There are also two bars where you can sit back and relax over a drink; these are both at the edge of the park in the quietest areas. One of these has Jacuzzis, so you can really relax while having your drinks. And there’s also a coffee and ice-cream area, more centrally located.


If you’re looking for a place that’s different, has plenty going on and is guaranteed to give you and your children a great day out, then head to Pink Elephant Samui Water Park. It’ll probably turn out to be one of the highlights of your holiday!


 Dimitri Waring


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