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Comfortable, stylish, durable and fun clothes at Psylo.

Comfortable, stylish, durable and fun clothes at Psylo.Imagine; an ethnic tribal art gallery, a fashion museum, London’s Camden Town, travelling, self-expression, earthy tones, comfortable adventure clothes, tattoo type prints, organic fair-trade cotton, leather, metal, belts, buckles, shoes and boots... and mix it all together. All this and more can be found at the two Psylo fashion stores in Chaweng. At first you may think it’s just another clothes store, but as you look around you realise it is so much more. On the walls you can see giant wooden masks from Papua New Guinea and huge wooden picture frames from Bali. Hanging from the ceiling there are hand-made metal lamps. The concept is attributed to a way of thinking, a way of life. Everything is connected to nature, and is the brainchild of four intrepid travellers originally from Israel and Iran.


Whilst travelling, they realized that the clothes they wanted and needed for their personal expression and their adventurous lifestyles were not easy to find. So as they hiked in the Amazon jungle, climbed the Himalayas and travelled between cities worldwide, they began to design and make the natural, comfortable, stylish yet fun clothes they needed for their individual lifestyles.

Two of these original travellers founded the company, and the Psylo brand, in 1999, and since then the company has expanded into a creative team with a design studio and full manufacturing facilities based in Bali, Indonesia. The design team finds inspiration in historical and world-wide tribal and ethnic art. They are influenced by tattoos, body art and primitive, sacred symbolism, combined with the 21st century manifestation of music and fashion. Bali is famed for its strong traditions of design, arts and crafts.Comfortable, stylish, durable and fun clothes at Psylo. The tailors and artisans who are employed are all personally trained and are competent in the complex and cuttingedge stitching techniques, mineral washes, screen printing, hand knitting and variety of application techniques, combined with the highest quality fabrics. Men’s, women’s, children’s clothing and accessories are all designed and handmade here. Every piece has to pass quality control before it is packed and sent to one of the stores. And this is definitely no sweatshop environment. The Psylo team firmly believe that employees are their most valuable asset, and are sensitive to their needs. All are paid above the average salary, get bonuses for extraordinary effort and are treated fairly and humanely. No children are employed and health insurance is standard for all staff. This does increase production costs, but rest assured all their clothing is reasonably priced. Okay you won’t find cheap and cheerful here, but you will find good quality original designs at reasonable prices and exceptional value for money.


Despite moving with the times in terms of business, the Psylo team still apply their original ideas and values. The design of the clothes is carefully thought through to achieve an authentic, already-worn feel. The materials used are mainly natural organic cottons and silks that feel so soft and comfortable, yet are durable and hard-wearing. T-shirts give you that ultimate feeling of almost not wearing anything at all. Today, Psylo clothes have developed into a fusion of fringe style and urban street fashion - attention grabbing and artistic. All clothing is unique with the ultimate combination of individualism and simplicity. Here you will discover clothes and accessories that are alternative, that stand out from mainstream commercial fashion. They are perfect for those who push themselves beyond limitations, expressing themselves freely. No luminous full moon party singlets will be found here, just natural, earthy tones and wearable individual designs.


Despite the edgy designs, these are clothes that suit all ages and all types of people. Wander around the store, take your time, this is a calm nopressure environment. Investigate the designs, prints and motifs, try on a few items. These are clothes that are designed to be worn; they may look interesting on a hanger, but they will definitely look even better on your body, and they will feel amazingly comfortable. You can mix and match with a full range of leather belts, bags, wristbands,Page-60-4 boots and shoes. Psylo is an international brand with flagship stores in Bali, London, Mexico and Samui. Hence its designs are seasonal. Right now the stores are stocking the winter and spring ranges. You will still find clothes to wear on Samui right now, but you can also find unique and individual items that are perfect to wear anywhere in the world. And with online shopping you can keep up-to-date with their latest designs and collections.


There are currently two Psylo stores on Samui, both conveniently located in central Chaweng. One can be found on the beach road. Go south past Soi Green Mango to the next Family Mart and the Psylo store is across the road. The other store is located inside Central Festival Shopping Mall. You will find it on the ground floor next to the escalator and below the AIS shop. Be sure to watch the videos playing in both stores. In between the fashion shoots, they show the design studio and factory in Bali, highlighting the ongoing cutting, sewing, appliquéing and screen printing in progress, by the happy and relaxed Balinese staff. So when you have had your fill of market stalls, and the heat and buzz of Chaweng, head for the cool, individual environment and styles that Psylo has to offer.


 Karan Ladd


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