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Searching for treasure at Nature Art Gallery.

Searching for treasure at Nature Art GalleryIt is not often that you walk into a shop and just have to pause, take a deep breath and say ‘wow’. But that is exactly what happens when you walk into one of the Nature Art Gallery shops. You are involuntarily forced to stop, appreciate and be mesmerized by the magical aura and atmosphere of the Aladdin’s cave of all things shiny and sparkly. The polished wooden interior, the chandeliers suspended from the ceiling and the mesmerizing display cases of gems and artistic jewellery, introduce you to opulence and magic. Welcome to the mysterious world of stones.


In ancient times, shamans, priests and healers used crystals and stones for protection and healing. Their power and beauty have a proven effect on many people who come in contact with them. Crystals are chunks of pure energy that sparkle and call out to you. It is said that their power can lift your spirits, heal your body and even open chakras. Amongst these are amber, emeralds and jade.


Amber is the golden brown fossilized resin of ancient pine trees that was formed about 50 million years ago. It is said to promote our ability to self-heal, remove fears and give stability. It supports our ability to make calm, clear decisions and can increase your inner-strength whilst promoting self-confidence. It also protects from radiation, especially that caused by the sun and computers.


Emeralds are the deepest, clearest green, and have been used in the past for rejuvenation and regeneration, but they can do so much more. They are said to offer considerable help and support with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and epilepsy. Emeralds are believed to normalize blood pressure and help with all kinds of heart and kidney complaints.Searching for treasure at Nature Art Gallery They activate self-healing, promote intuition and emanate peace and harmony for the body and soul. They are also guides in meditation and are rumoured to be talismans for travellers.


The ancient Chinese used the many different colours of jade to inspire courage, wisdom, justice and humility. It is still known as the stone of health, wealth and long life. If placed under your pillow it can assist in dream recall. Jade has a gentle, steady energy making it a very good stone for meditation.


Micha Trav (pronounced Mika) and his partner Shai Shalom Nissim, the owners and creators of Nature Art Gallery have learnt about and experienced the power of stones over many years of travel, and the shops are their way of sharing their passion and love of stones with you. Originally from Israel, they have over 20 years of combined travel and living experience in the Orient. They have both developed a deep appreciation and knowledge of the world of crystals, stones and gems.


Micha first began to work with stones when he travelled to India. He found his passion in Goa, where he began his life journey, turning towards a more spiritual and healthy lifestyle, and sourcing crystals and stones so that he could design and make exquisite jewellery. In later travels, Micha happened upon Koh Phangan, one of Samui’s neighbouring islands. He discovered that it had a special energy,Searching for treasure at Nature Art Gallery a creative atmosphere and was also a source of natural crystals. He decided this would be the ideal place to live and share his healing creations. Shai, meanwhile, worked predominantly with silver jewellery in Japan for seven years, and in that time taught himself how to balance chakras. He later studied massage and alternative medicine, including energy work. This gave him a more complete and complex understanding, and an outlet for his work with crystals and precious stones.


As a team, Micha and Shai bring together an extensive love and understanding of the power of crystals, gems and stones within jewellery. They aim to share this knowledge with you by informing and educating visitors about the properties of the stones, and creating unique jewellery that is not only beautiful to see and to wear, but is also naturally healing.


The shops sell a wide variety of unique, individual jewellery made from gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones and crystals, as well as loose gems, stones, rocks, fossils, shells and crystals. There is also a smaller selection of hand-made leather bags, belts and other accessories. Each store has a seemingly infinite myriad of sparkles. There are earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings. The designs come from all over the globe, including from artists in Bali, Italy and the famous Israeli ‘wearable art’ designs from Bat Ami. It really is an excellent gallery-type environment. Here you can browse to your heart’s content, perusing the amazing deep colours and patterns of the stones that our natural world so excels at.


Upstairs in the Chaweng Beach Road shop, is an old style jewellery factory. Here, Anup and Rajendra, two of the five Nepalese workers, sit and design intricate patterns and combinations with different stones, before making the finished product from silver or 18 carat gold.


If you really can’t find that specific piece of jewellery that you are after, you can discuss any ideas you may have with Micha or the other staff. They will help you bring your ideas to life with a bespoke service. This includes inspiration if required, help with the design stage, and finally making your ideas a reality by producing an exquisite original piece just for you. You can choose your metal and stones, gems or crystals from the store, or even bring in an existing item and have it melted down and re-designed into something more aligned to your present day taste. A great piece of memorabilia from your stay on Samui, and you will leave wearing a truly original bespoke piece of art. This service takes from one to three days, depending on the workmanship involved.


There are currently four Nature Art Gallery locations in Thailand, and two of them can be found on Samui. Both are in easy to find locations with great access, and safe, plentiful parking at the Central Festival Shopping Mall. The first is on Chaweng Beach Road, and is a large corner shop almost opposite Starbucks. The second is in Central Festival itself. You will find it on the second floor in the Bird Cage zone. The other two stores are to be found in Koh Phangan and they are both in the Haad Rin shopping area.


The Nature Art Gallery shops are always popular with both locals and tourists. Be sure you don’t miss out. As Micha says “Come on in, and let the stone choose you”.


 Karan Ladd


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