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There are plenty of exciting reasons to buy into X2 Vibe Samui Nautilus Apartment Hotel.

There are plenty of exciting reasons to buy into X2 Vibe Samui Nautilus Apartment Hotel.Just a couple of generations ago world travel was something that relatively few would or could undertake. Now it’s become both cheaper and more comfortable, and the mighty spin-off is that it’s now possible to live abroad for vastly extended periods of time. This is certainly true of Thailand, where there are thousands of foreign residents who live here all year round, and who rarely go back home. Then there are thousands more who come here to stay each year for periods that vary from a few days to a few months. Holidays and work can now easily overlap and co-exist; the hammock’s not just for whiling away an afternoon, now it’s your new office – a phone and a keyboard is perhaps all you require to drive your business forward.


In all of this, the old architectural adage still holds good: form follows function, and it equally applies to this new phase of living. Housing is constantly evolving to make it ever easier for people to live in versatile ways. It’s with this in mind that a new development has been designed to offer a staggering amount of flexibility, whether you’re on the move or if you’re a permanent or semi-permanent resident. (It’s also attracting pure investors looking for dependable returns, too, but we’ll come to that in a moment.)


It’s called X2 Vibe Samui Nautilus, and is located in Choeng Mon, on the island’s north-east coast. It consists of one or two-bedroom apartments in a complex, which has been partnered with X2 Resorts (pronounced ‘cross to’). As such, it’s not just a collection of luxury apartments, but a fully-fledged resort too, offering everything a holidaymaker would need or wish for. X2 are experts in hotel management and offer a fresh perspective on holidaying. There are plenty of exciting reasons to buy into X2 Vibe Samui Nautilus Apartment Hotel.Tired of seeing similar-looking developments offering undifferentiated experiences, they want to redefine luxury in completely new terms, and allow their guests to ‘cross to’ a new dimension of luxury, rather than continue with the generic. X2 therefore operates small properties, ones with a human, unpretentious touch. Their idea is to deliver a unique experience.


The setting for X2 Vibe Samui Nautilus is a countryside slope on a hill facing out to sea, and has a private, exclusive feel to it. All the apartments offer a sea view, but naturally the higher you go, the more you can see, until it’s an entire vista that takes in the whole sweep from Koh Pha-Ngan, all of Choeng Mon and the outskirts of Chaweng.


It’s a few minutes’ drive to Samui airport, just on the other side of the hill, and about the same time to Chaweng itself. The closest beach is a 400 metre beeline from the project, while it’s just 700 metres to Choeng Mon bay.


Investors are also welcome to buy into the development. You’re assured of good rates of return, as your property can be rented out in your absence. As it’s part of a hotel, your apartment would be kept in pristine condition and be under surveillance, affording you maximum peace of mind. Incidentally, under this scheme, you’d also be allowed to stay for 30 days a year in your property – and this without affecting your rental income.


There are a total of 40 luxury units, divided into two apartment blocks. Everything’s been designed with the latest trends in mind. The materials used are of excellent quality and seamlessly meld together to present a beautiful finish. Local limestone has been used and you’ll find acacia and teak used in the apartments. The overall feel is one of light, with large windows leading onto balconies outside, always letting in the view. There are plenty of exciting reasons to buy into X2 Vibe Samui Nautilus Apartment Hotel.And with all mod cons, living here is a cinch.


You’ll also find a professionally-run restaurant, lobby, swimming pools, sun decks, roof gardens and a fitness room, giving the development a community feel. And you can also opt to buy apartments that come with their very own private swimming pools.


There are also four penthouse apartments, offering an additional luxury: each has its own private rooftop. So when you’re at home you can just climb up to your own eyrie above the development. It goes without saying that the views from up here are quite amazing.


The project is the idea of Péter Süle and Tomàs Szalai, who have been active in real estate in Hungary and Sweden, where they have built a range of apartment buildings. Since April 2015, when the development was put on the market, 25% of the properties have been sold. There are plenty of apartments left – for the moment, that is. Péter and Tomàs started building in November 2014, and state that they are not dependent on sales in order to complete the project. The apartments are offered leasehold for an initial period of 30 years, but purchasers are also given a lease renewal agreement of three further periods of 30 years. Full legal structures are in place.


Some ideas are so agile and catchy that they’re set to go mainstage and their time seems to have come – more and more people are seizing the opportunity to live abroad. X2 Vibe Samui Nautilus has been conceived with this in mind. And with the apartments being well priced and affordable, they represent superb value. For buyers and investors alike, they are an outstanding opportunity to own a stylish home in the tropics.


 Dimitri Waring


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