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Air Event & Entertainment brings dance to the island and helps you get super fit.

Air Event & Entertainment brings dance to the island and helps you get super fit.There’s a line in that must-see movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show that goes: “Don’t dream it, be it.” The line is in a song and the words are repeated over and over again like a mantra. Why are they so important? Aren’t they there just to camp things up? Not at all - it’s solid wisdom and one of the worst-kept secrets of the self-development industry: the urge to be your dream rather than just wish for it is crucial. It basically separates those who achieve their dreams from those who don’t.


It’s also the official slogan that newly-founded Air Event & Entertainment lives by. These are folks who are deeply passionate about what they do. They’re into fitness, dance and choreography, and are certainly bringing something different to the island. It was founded by professional dancer and fitness trainer, Kathi Master. She’s based in Choeng Mon in a property that is dedicated to both fitness and dance, where some very dedicated sessions take place, albeit in a fun atmosphere.


Kathi’s own story is a tad unusual but is all part of this. At the age of just four, her father saw how much she liked dancing, and the potential she had. Most dads would be content to check out local schools for possibilities, but he found there wasn’t so much going on in Izmir, Turkey, where Kathi was growing up. So instead he sent her to ballet academy in Samara, Russia, to a school where she could reach that potential - which is precisely what she did. She learned dancing and choreography and when she was 16, she returned to Turkey. Within a year she had set up a dance team in Antalya.Air Event & Entertainment brings dance to the island and helps you get super fit. There was high demand from hotels and resorts for high-quality dancing to entertain holidaymakers. The team Kathi created was a success, and soon she started working for international hoteliers, Robinson. The brand’s well-known for putting on entertainments of all kinds, and under their aegis, Kathi further improved her skills as well as studying hotel management with them. She ended up being event manager in charge of entertainments in several hotels; a non-stop job that she eventually left in order to start her own business.


This brought her to Samui, where she’d already vacationed a few times. She saw the need for international entertainment here for holidaymakers, so she decided to set something up to fill that gap. The team she has put together is highly creative (just check out their YouTube videos) and can put on just about any kind of show for resorts, or for weddings, birthday parties and so on. If you have a theme, they can go with this and bring your ideas to the stage. Kathi recently did a show centred around the idea of masks, for example. Shows can feature diverse elements such as silks, avant-garde backgrounds and dancers covered in LED-lights. These are just a few examples of what they can do.


Sometimes people wonder why she chose the name Air Event. The word, air, turns out to be an acronym, the initials for the company’s motto, Art Inspires Reality. And if you watch one of the team’s performances you can see that this literally is the case; they’re using choreography to turn gymnastics into very precise presentations of what the human body is capable of. And while it may seem impossible or at least downright magical, these are no optical illusions, only reality.


When it comes to dance, all kinds are possible. Ballet, Latin, hip-hop, rock ‘n roll, swing, jazz are just a few examples. Kathi also has a professional choreographer, Nikita Chobanyan, who co-ordinates the team. They live and breathe their art, and practise most days,Air Event & Entertainment brings dance to the island and helps you get super fit. which leads us to Air Event and Entertainment’s other function: teaching.


Kathi has also set up a dance and fitness studio, Air Dance & Wellfit Boutique, that’s dedicated to helping others learn. At the time of going to press, it’s probably the only place on the island that offers everything: any kind of dance at all. And then for fitness, cardio, aerobics and power training. There’s also rehab stretching, yoga, pole-dancing and even Capoeira.




Air Event & Entertainment and Air Dance & Wellfit Boutique are relatively easy to find. In Choeng Mon, they share a building on the road between Big Buddha and Chaweng in Plai Laem. As you head towards Chaweng, turn left into Plai Laem Soi 4 (signposted) and follow the road up till you see the studio on your right-hand side. On Google maps, you can also key in Air Wellfit and this will take you to the relevant page.


The team is small, lean and has a very fine creative edge. Still new, they’re undoubtedly going to become well-known on the island in the future. Watch out for their appearances, and meantime, if you fancy getting fit or practising dance, then join them at their studio.


 Dimitri Waring


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