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It’s all going on at Morya Pharmacies.

It’s all going on at Morya Pharmacies.Did you pack everything in your medicine cabinet before you left home? No of course not. So which pharmacy do you go to if you find there is something you need? A big success story on Samui is Morya Pharmacy. The first branch opened its doors to customers along Chaweng Beach Road, in 2001. Since then, the young and dynamic team behind the scenes have been listening to customers, and providing a caring and responsive service. This approach has earned them a lot of respect, and has been so successful that stores have since opened around the island. The brand that has continued to increase customer support and trust now has 22 branches.


Eighteen of the stores, including the snazzy new, glass fronted head office on the ring-road in Chaweng, opposite the PTT petrol station, near Bangkok Samui Hospital, employ full time fully qualified pharmacists. These people are trained to offer more than just pharmaceutical advice. They can refill prescriptions, offer advice and refer you to a hospital if required. They are also able to offer health and beauty information including, which products may be best for your personal requirements. They all speak at least two languages, normally Thai and English. If you cannot speak either of those, they will use Google translation services to try and help you.


The head office store is also the main retail and distribution centre for all the stores on the island. Morya also supply products such as coconut oil, aloe vera and tiger balm to other pharmacies, shops, spas, hotels and resorts on the island. If you need anything at all, they will usually have it, or can get it for you. If the store you visit has run out of a product you require, staff can arrange to transfer it from the head office store to any Morya store of your choice, or you can simply visit the head office store yourself.


Morya stock more than 4,000 conventional medicine items alongside pharmaceuticals; traditional and herbal medicines, vitamins and supplements, cosmetics, insect repellents, sun care lotions, baby food, special foodstuff for diabetics or those with liver problems,Page60-4elastic support bandages for limb or joint injuries and injury prevention (especially good for motorbike riders) as well as medical instruments and equipment. Everything from aspirin, lipstick and vitamin C, to electric toothbrushes, wheelchairs and walking frames.


Customers started asking about more natural and organic products. The managers listened, considered and developed the idea. The other four Morya stores are called Green Health. They don’t employ pharmacists or sell pharmaceutical drugs; they focus on natural and organic ingredients. Here you can buy skin care and other health products for your body or home. This includes natural sun protection lotions, soap, toothpaste, massage oils and gift packs for example. They sell many different brands, but have also developed their own brand - Oriental Nature Products. The Morya team oversee the production and packaging of these products, ensuring high-quality natural or organic ingredients are used. They even ensure that premium natural and recycled packaging is used.


There is one Green Health store located in Tesco Lotus Chaweng, two at Central Festival and the fourth at Samui airport, very useful for those last minute requirements or gift packs.


Many of the newer Morya stores are a combination of the original pharmacies, plus the Green Health stores. They employ a pharmacist and can be located by the blue Morya Pharmacy sign but with the addition of a large green cross. The newest Morya stores to open are the Big Buddha branch located in Bangrak opposite the fish, fruit and vegetable market near the junction with airport road, It’s all going on at Morya Pharmacies.and Ban Saket branch in the Lipa Noi area near the buffalo fighting stadium. There are also plans to renovate some of the older stores into the new combination stores - watch this space.


One of Morya’s bestselling products is the Oriental Nature Coconut Oil. It is a premium 100% organic, cold-pressed, coconut oil. The health benefits of ingesting coconut oil are numerous and include; weight loss, prevention of heart disease and high blood pressure, protection for the liver and kidneys, reduction of inflammation in the body, boosting the immune system, improving memory and brain function, giving energy and endurance and improving digestion and gut health. It is also great for building muscle, balancing hormones, and is anti-ageing. Externally it moisturises hair and skin, even acting as a low level (around factor 4) of sunscreen protection. It is certainly something to try if you are not already a fan.


Morya really is the people’s pharmacy. There is something for everyone in their stores. They also offer a loyalty card, which gives you discounts of 10% on all Morya brand products, and 5% on everything else, except promotional items and some special products. Many loyal customers already take full advantage of this.


The main opening hours are either 8:00 am until 10:00 pm or 9:00 am until 11:00 pm. The store at Lamai beach is open from 10:00 am until midnight, and the new Green Health store at the airport conveniently follows the first and last flight times, opening at 5.30 am and closing at 9.30 pm. They also sell a limited range in the duty-free shop at the international gate.


‘Mor’ means doctor in Thai, and ‘ya’ means medicine. Morya provides a doctor of medicine, the pharmacist, but also excellent customer service and so much more.


Karan Ladd



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