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Narai Kiri offer unparalleled holidays in a unique hilltop location.

Narai Kiri offer unparalleled holidays in a unique hilltop location.Imagine sitting in a Jacuzzi, perhaps casually enjoying some champagne, and gazing out at a view so mesmerizing that it engages the eye no matter which part you care to home in on. You can see offshore islands set in a blue sea, a forest of jungle palms that leads all the way down to the coast and a beautiful temple. There’s a whole sweep of scenery that no camera can catch in a single shot. If you look left you can see Bangrak beach almost directly below you, and then just beyond the mysterious islets of the Angthong National Marine Park in the distance. Directly in front of you, there’s the Big Buddha complex and Plai Laem Temple just a little further away, this time to the right. Needless to say you can also see Koh Pha-Ngan as well. And then there are the planes. They’re every bit as eye-catching as the rest of the view: you can look down on them as they come in to land.


Look down? Indeed, you’re so high up that you don’t look up at them; they’re actually flying below you. It’s a perspective that takes a little getting used to. So does the setting itself. Unless you’re really used to living on the tops of very, very high hills or you own a penthouse suite in a high-rise, then all of this will be a brand-new experience for you. It’s a great one to have. There’s something very liberating about being high up over everything else. It tends to lead to a certain sense of well-being. You’re lifted up, literally.


This is the world of Narai Kiri Hill Top Villa, one of Samui’s prime villas. It’s part of Narai Kiri Project, a series of villa properties, all of them high above sea-level, which can be rented or purchased. The villas are extremely popular with holidaymakers and are a great substitute for hotels.

Some people mistakenly imagine that if you book a villa for a holiday, there will be no services provided. You’re simply provided with the keys and everything’s up to you. Nothing could be further from the truth. The same attentive services that you’ll find in a hotel are also present. The only difference is that there won’t be any other guests, allowing the staff to concentrate on your needs and wants. And they really do. Firstly, as in a hotel, they also provide a daily maid service, and you can opt to have your own chef who’ll cook for you. Unlike hotels where you might at best hope to find a mini-bar with the usual favourite drinks and snacks, the villa manager can also stock up the villa fridges in advance of your arrival – but with exactly what you would like to have. Similarly, Narai Kiri offer unparalleled holidays in a unique hilltop location.the manager can arrange any excursions you might like to go on and give you help and advice with activities. It’s really up to you which services you would like to choose.

The villa manager is an expert in customer service. Khun Pinyo Khumprom is a native islander, and manages not just the properties at Narai Kiri, but also two resorts on the island. He’s had many years of experience and knows everything there is to know about Samui. He’s happy to help with all guest requests and in addition, as project manager, he rents out the properties that have already been purchased. As he puts it, “Renting out a luxury property gives buyers an idea of exactly what’s possible, and the lifestyle they could easily become accustomed to. And for holidaymakers, deciding on renting a villa instead of booking into a hotel makes an enormous amount of sense; hotels simply can’t hope to compete with a private, luxury villa, offering a full range of services.”


Apart from all the services, renting a villa means you’ll get much more living space, a far greater amount of intimacy, and for a group, it’ll be cheaper than staying in a 5-star resort. As you can imagine, each villa is luxurious throughout and comes with all modern amenities. Lighting is remote-controlled, all air-conditioning is whisper-quiet, and everything from walls, to floors to ceilings is kept in pristine condition. The villas are completely contemporary and set in beautiful well-maintained surroundings.Narai Kiri offer unparalleled holidays in a unique hilltop location. Each comes with a swimming pool, allowing you to relax and enjoy the views even more. There’s no real sense of a divide between the indoors and outdoors, thanks to enormous windows that can be slid back, allowing cooling breezes to circulate throughout the villas. All the bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and air-conditioning.


You’ll find double beds and everything you need when it comes to luxury living. The kitchens are well equipped with modern international-standard ranges and appliances, so if you decide not to have a chef and you want to cook for your friends or family, you’ll really enjoy the experience. Large supermarkets selling both western and Thai food are just a 15-minute drive away, incidentally.


Narai Kiri is just off Soi 8 in Choeng Mon. Keep going north through Bangrak and follow the road as it takes you past Plai Laem temple. Continue until you see on your right a sign announcing Soi 8. Turn right here and follow the road up the hill and you’ll come to Narai Kiri.


Once you arrive, you’ll see for yourself how beautifully secluded these villas are, and how they’ve raised the bar when it comes to sumptuous living, sheer space and wonderful facilities. As a get-away spot, Narai Kiri is ideal. And in addition, offers its guests a range of sophisticated amenities, worthy of a luxury hotel.


Dimitri Waring



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