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Anodas Spa at Nora Buri Resort & Spa combines beautiful views with seriously good massage.

Anodas Spa at Nora Buri Resort & Spa combines beautiful views with seriously good massage.For years, many spas have concentrated on being true sanctuaries, where you literally step away from the world. As such they’re often about being indoors, and many do away with even having windows. It’s a formula that really works, too, especially if the views aren’t, well, so picturesque.


But what if you can step away from the world into a beautiful, intimate garden and have this as a spa setting? Then it becomes a magical experience. Just minutes from the busy heart of Chaweng, you’ll find a place that’s a complete haven, where relaxation is on tap. The garden setting at Anodas Spa is exactly what you think of when you imagine tropical trees and plants. But that’s not all. The view’s just about the best of any spa on Samui - the garden frames the beautiful headland that marks the northern end of Chaweng and the tiny, enigmatic islet of Koh Matlang, just off-shore. And best of all, you can see all of this from the trio of treatment rooms that comprise this select spa. Each room is housed in a small purpose-built chalet, which is completed by a steam room and a generous-sized open-air Jacuzzi. Just the kind of place where you’ll find it easy to let the cares of the world slip away.

Anodas Spa is open daily from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm, and is located at Nora Buri Resort & Spa, just a few minutes’ drive north of Chaweng. Follow the beach road north along the coast for three kilometres, and you’ll see the resort on your left.



If you’ve ever felt a spontaneous sigh of relief course through your body and your tensions starting to melt away, this is the initial feeling that many people have when they step into the spa’s atrium. Quiet music plays, and the atmosphere is very serene. Just being here will put you in the mood for relaxing. And this is before any treatment has started.


The spa manageress is the very gifted Khun Ying, who’s dedicated to helping all her guests find the right treatment. She and her team are all expert masseuses, and in their professional hands you’ll be able to enjoy the various massages and packages that the spa offers.


Firstly, you’ll be given the spa menu to browse through, and just like with a dinner menu, there are all sorts of options. And never mind if it’s your first time in a spa. The friendly staff can answer your questions and help you settle on the treatment that’s going to be of the most benefit to you.Anodas Spa at Nora Buri Resort & Spa combines beautiful views with seriously good massage.


Each treatment starts with a foot bath, where your feet are gently washed. Depending on what you’ve chosen, you might also enjoy time in the steam room – a process where the heat cleanses your skin and helps to replenish the cells – or a relaxing session in the Jacuzzi, from where you can take in those incomparable views of the gardens and the sea. Anodas Spa has special promotions where you can be pampered for up to two hours with choices of massages, facials and a body scrub. These represent great value for money.


Hot, humid weather can play havoc with your skin, and so the spa has worked on special treatments to cleanse and rejuvenate it. Firstly, they have body scrubs that leave your body cleansed radiant. You can choose between coconut, yoghurt and coffee, milky rice or lemongrass. Then there are body wraps, and here you can opt for aloe vera, green tea or Dead Sea salt. Each of the scrubs and wraps also include a short steam room session followed by a moisturizing treatment. Anodas Spa naturally also offers a choice of facials – there’s one specifically for men, too.Anodas Spa at Nora Buri Resort & Spa combines beautiful views with seriously good massage. Products used here come from the Phytomer range and are geared towards helping hydrate the skin and give it that fresh feeling.


Meanwhile, the Anodas Signature Massage enables you to let your tensions simply drift away and out of your body. It’s a traditional Thai massage and uses a combination of aroma oil with hot herbal compress. It’ll leave you feeling restored and rejuvenated. The Thai massages at Anodas work on the theory of energy balance to promote better health and healing. Carefully applied pressure releases blockages and stretches the muscles. Thai massages are renowned for not only leaving you feeling relaxed, but also more energetic.


The massages also take into account other cultures’ approach to the healing arts. For example, the spa’s sports massage combines Thai acupressure with Swedish massage techniques, and the Hawaiian rubbing movements from the Lomi Lomi tradition. If your muscles are over-tense from exercise then this is the massage for you: it’s good for softening rigid body tissues and easing the strains of sport. You can also, by the way, benefit from a healing back massage, with focus being given to the back, neck and shoulder areas. This is good for chronic aches in the upper body area. You might also enjoy the head massage treatment, which combines a scalp massage with hair-care. It stimulates the scalp, improves circulation and reduces stress.


The gardens at Anodas Spa make the perfect backdrop for some indulgent time out. When it comes to relaxation and letting your body be pampered, the treatments that this spa offers rank among the very best on the island. Definitely recommended, and with very affordable prices, it’s not surprising that Anodas Spa is so popular.


 Dimitri Waring


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